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American Express Corporate Card Program
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Corporate Travel & Entertainment Card Employee Cardholder Acknowledgement

American Express Corporate Card Program

1.   Who is eligible to receive an American Express Corporate Card?
A corporate charge card is available to all employees expected to travel two or more times a year or who incur $500 annually in out-of-pocket business-related expenses. 

2.   Why is it important for me to use the American Express Corporate Card for all of my business expenses? 
UCG receives significant business benefits by capturing and consolidating all business expense activity through a single Corporate Card supplier.  These benefits include the delivery of management information that enables us to negotiate more competitive agreements with our key suppliers and to provide enhanced benefits to our people.  Using the Card also eliminates the need for you to incur business expenses on your personal credit card(s).

3.   When should I use the American Express Corporate Card?
You are required to use your American Express Corporate Card for all of your business expenses, wherever cards are accepted. 

4.   What is my personal responsibility when using the Corporate Card?
The corporate card is an Individual Liability card and you are personally responsible for all charges until they are submitted on an approved expense report.  All business-related expenses charged to the American Express Corporate Card must be reimbursed following standard procedures as outlined in the UCG Travel Policy. You are responsible for submitting timely expense reports through Concur and UCG will pay American Express directly for all approved expenses charged to your card. 

5.   Can I use my American Express Corporate Card for personal expenses?
No, the card should only be used for business-related expenses.

6.   Does the Corporate Card have a pre-set spending limit?
No. This provides the assurance that all your business expenses can be charged to the Card, even in emergencies.

However, as part of the Card issuance, credit reviews are conducted by American Express. These are Promotional Inquiries that do not affect your personal credit rating.   As a result of the reviews, some accounts may be approved with spending limits.  Two particular items may contribute to the issuance of a spending limit Card and can potentially be remedied by the Cardmember.

In both of these instances it is very important to note that there may be an opportunity to have the spending limit removed by contacting the Applicant Services Department at American Express Corporate Services at 888 800 7325 and pressing #2.  This is a different number than the one on the back of your Card.  The American Express representatives on this team can answer more detailed questions provided you, as the Cardmember, are calling them directly.

7.   What if I terminate my employment?
You should cut the Corporate Card in half and return it as part of your exit interview process. You are responsible for the payment of any outstanding charges.  If you have arranged for automatic billing to your Corporate Card by any suppliers (e.g., telecom, subscriptions, memberships), you should contact those suppliers to change the billing arrangements.  In addition, if you have included your Corporate Card number in your profiles with frequent flier programs, hotel frequent guest programs, etc., you will want to contact those suppliers to update your profile information.

You are also required to file an expense report inclusive of all outstanding charges within 5 days of leaving the company. You must pay American Express directly within 5 days for any charges not approved by UCG as a business expense.

8.  Is there an annual fee for the Corporate Card?
No, there is no annual fee for the UCG Corporate Card.

9.  How do I get a Corporate Card?
Contact the Corporate Travel Dept ( to apply for a corporate card.

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Billing Statement

1.   When will I receive my first statement?
UCG’s billing cycle closes at the end of the month and you should receive your statement within a few days of the closing.

2.   When is the payment due on my statement?
Payment is due upon receipt of the statement and must be received before the next billing cycle ends.  You are required to submit an expense report for all charges on your corporate card no later than the 10th of the following month.  You are responsible for ensuring timely expense reports which prevents incurring late fees.

3.   What happens if I don’t pay my bill on time?
If your American Express Corporate Card payment is late, you may be subject to late fees and Membership Rewards points forfeiture.  Eventually your account may be suspended from additional charge activity, and lastly, your account may be cancelled.       

4.   Can I access my statement through the Internet?
Yes, in fact, you must.  Effective August 4, 2009, monthly billing statements for American Express Corporate Cards will be delivered exclusively online. The site allows you to access your Card account 24 hours a day.

To register your card in Manage Your Card Account (MYCA), visit and click “Continue.”  Follow the instructions until you have completed the registration process.
To activate your monthly “Statement Ready” email notification, visit and log in.  Follow the instructions to confirm that your statement delivery option is set to “online only” and validate that your email address on file is current.
For assistance, please call 1-800-AXP-1234 (1-800-297-1234)

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The Membership Rewards® Program

1.   How do I enroll in the Membership Rewards program?
You can log on to or call Membership Rewards at 1-800-297-3276 

2.   Will I have to pay an annual fee to participate in Membership Rewards?
The fee to enroll your Corporate Card in the Membership Rewards program is $75.00 annually.

The fee is not reimbursable by the company.

3.   How do I earn and keep track of Membership Rewards points?
Cardmembers earn one point for virtually every dollar spent on eligible1, enrolled American Express Corporate Cards.  If your Membership Rewards account is linked to a personal American Express Card, your Membership Rewards statement will be included with your monthly billing statement for your personal Card.  If you have only have a Corporate Card, your Membership Rewards statement will arrive in a separate mailing.

4.   How do I redeem Membership Rewards points?
A full list of rewards and instructions on reward redemption can be accessed through  Points may be redeemed for travel on many major airlines; for room nights and upgrades at many of the world’s finest hotels; for weekend days or weekly rentals at several major car rental companies; and for a selection of vacation packages. They may also be converted into traveler’s cheques, travel certificates, donated to charity, or used to buy items such as clothing, sporting goods and electronics from over 50 upscale merchants.

Membership Rewards points can also be transferred to supplement points accumulated in the frequent flyer or frequent guest programs of participating airline and hotel partners.  Cardmembers may use Membership Rewards points to purchase on, the online comparison-shopping site from American Express. It’s the one site that offers Cardmembers the exclusive benefit of purchasing any item they want using Membership Rewards points. 

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Using the American Express Corporate Card


1.   Where can I use my Corporate Card?
Wherever you do business.  The American Express Corporate Card is accepted by millions of merchants worldwide, including airlines, hotels, car rental companies, restaurants, gas stations, retail stores, supermarkets, drugstores, entertainment venues and online shopping sites.

2.   How do I notify American Express about an establishment that does not accept the Card?
Call 800-528-2122 to advise a customer service representative of the establishment.

Lost or Stolen Cards

1.   What should I do if my American Express Corporate Card is lost or stolen?
You must notify American Express immediately if your Corporate Card is lost or stolen, or if you suspect your Card is being used without your permission.  To report a lost or stolen Card, call 800-528-2122 or 336-393-1111 (collect outside the U.S.).

2.   How quickly can I get a replacement if my Card is lost or stolen?
An emergency replacement Card usually can be obtained from any American Express Travel Service Location within 24 hours anywhere in the world. 


1.   What insurance benefits does the Corporate Card provide?
Insurance benefits give you coverage when you travel for business when the common carrier ticket (e.g., commercial airline, inter-city rail) is purchased with the American Express Corporate Card.  Specifically:

2.   What about car rental insurance?
Car rental insurance is covered by UCG’s company policy.  However, you must write “UCG” under your signature on the rental agreement in order to be covered.

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Customer Service

1.   Who do I call if I have any questions regarding my statement or any other matters relating to my Corporate Card?
Call 800-528-2122 to reach customer service.  They can answer questions about statements and benefits, as well as assist in situations such as emergency Card replacement for lost or stolen Cards.  Customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.   

2.   What if I am traveling and I need assistance?
Call a Customer Service Representative at 800-528-2122 (within the U.S.) or 336-393-1111 (collect outside the U.S.) anytime, 24 hours a day. 

In addition, you can visit one of the 1,700 American Express Travel Service Locations5 in 130 countries, each with multilingual professionals, who can provide customized assistance to Cardmembers while traveling. To locate a Travel Service Location, visit

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Additional Resources

For Additional Information about the Corporate Card Program

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1 Eligible Cards include the following: Personal, Gold, Rewards Plus Gold, Platinum CardÒ, OptimaÒ, Blue from American ExpressÒ, Corporate, Corporate Platinum Card plus up to two Additional Cards on each personal account. Rewards Plus Gold Cardmembers may link up to 5 Additional Cards. Some Corporate Cards (e.g., Corporate Purchasing Card, Corporate Meeting Card and all Cards blocked from participation) and some Optima Cards (e.g., Student Optima, Hilton Optima, Delta SkymilesÒ Credit Card, The New York Knicks Card and the New York Rangers Card) and other co-brand Cards are not eligible for enrollment in the Membership Rewards program.  Participation in Membership Rewards is subject to the terms and conditions of the program, which Cardmembers receive upon enrollment.
2 Coverage subject to terms, conditions and exclusions of Policy AX0949.  Coverage underwritten by AMEX Assurance Company, Administrative Office, Green Bay, WI.
3 Coverage subject to terms, conditions and exclusions of Policy AX0400.  Coverage underwritten by AMEX Assurance Company, Administrative Office, Green Bay, WI.
5 Not all services are available at all locations.  All services are
subject to local laws and cash availability.

Corporate Travel & Entertainment Card Employee Cardholder Acknowledgement